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Jeff Unay: Changing the Facial Expressions Game

Jeff Unay has come a long way since graduating from Full Sail in 2002.

Unay graduated with Advertising and Graphic Design Bachelor’s degree in 2000, but says his discovery of Full Sail was life changing.

“It was a huge decision for me to make the leap to go back to school but I knew I had to go to Full Sail. It wasn't even a ‘want’ for me. It was an absolute no-brainer.” A year later he enrolled and started his Associate's Degree in Computer Animation.  

After enrolling at Full Sail he spent all his saving and bought a Windows NT-based computer with dual Xeon processors. He had no clue how to use it! After some ribbing from his roommate about the purchase, Jeff told him, "I may not know what the heck I'm doing now, but I WILL learn. That's why I'm here."  

This paid off, after graduating he started working with Raven Software were his facial expressions creations skills were honed and perfected.  

Succeed he did! Check out Jeff’s latest cinematographic work in his director debut Greywater and join the conversation by following us on Twitter @wearemcbs

Written By: Romina Goite