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How One Full Sail Student Networked Her Way Into The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Janette Terrazas is a Show Production student at Full Sail University. When she heard about Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato being inducted into the Hall of Fame she was more than thrilled to meet with Michelle, since she had admired her work from early on. Janette made it her mission to soak in all the knowledge Michelle had to impart during Hall of Fame Week. Janette attended all of Michelle’s panels and live sessions hoping for the opportunity to network with the Hall of Famer before the end of the week. Janette’s leap of faith that ended up having an amazing outcome she couldn’t of dreamed of…

After Michelle Pettinato’s last Full Sail On Air Live session of the day, Janette approached Michelle with the intentions of getting a photo with her idol. Michelle exchanged genuine words with Janette and asked what she planned on doing throughout her career, exchange emails and was offered the chance to contact Michelle with any questions or comments about the industry. They spoke for a moment then exchanged emails and Michelle invited Janette to email her anytime with questions or comments about the Industry. To top it all off, as they parted ways Michelle reached into her purse to hand Janette a navy blue envelope. “At first I thought it was a business card, but then I thought, this is a really big business card!?”

Janette open the envelope to find The Golden Ticket!

Here is the story from Janette’s perspective:

Well yesterday things went pretty well between her and I. Thursday I went to 2 of her panels, 1 [the first] because of what she talked about interested me and 2 [second panel] because I just really wanted to talk to her and meet her. The first panel I went to of hers was for Live Mixing, afterwards I met her and had the chance to talk to her, I was really nervous too at first but my friend encouraged me to just go up and talk to her. She's really kind, really down to earth. I couldn't help it and started off by introducing myself, telling her how I think she's the coolest person and one of my hero’s. She was touched and gave me advice about women in the industry, what I can do to hone my audio skills, because I'm still not the greatest because, I at first, was just a lighting girl. So much information in a little bit because she had to go to another panel soon, we got along great! Almost like friends already, before she left she wanted to give me her information, and mine to her but I told her I would see her later at her On Air Interview.

Later at her other panel, I sat front row of course, then after the interview she said "nice to see you again" and we just networked she gave me her information and I gave her mine, she told me a little about her vacation she's going to over the weekend aha, it was a rather quick exchange because she had to leave again so quickly, she's a very busy lady. Before she left she gave me this little pamphlet, just popped it in my hand and said "I'll see you again soon." I didn't really think anything about it, I thought it was a pamphlet of her work or something but oh goodness, it was not. I opened it and the Golden Ticket was in there and I guess it didn't go through to my brain fast enough because I just stared at it for a little bit. My friend told me what it was and was shaking me in excitement, it finally clicked in my head why she said "see you soon." and all that and I couldn't stop smiling, I'm so excited and honored that she gave it to me.

Janette has already taken Michelle up on her offer and emailed her about the audio industry. Janette plans on keeping a revolving door of communication between Michelle with the hopes that Michelle will become her mentor..

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Written By: Devin Lawrence