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How To Work On A Team

Working on a team can be a piece of cake or feel like The Clash of Titans. Personalities may battle, egos can get hurt and voices might not be heard but at the end of the day everyone has to come together to make it work. No matter what role is played in a project, everyone that is there has a set of skills that is necessary for the completion of the overall project.  

The entertainment industry is based on collaboration. The Collaborating and Networking with Diverse Teams panel featured four alumni with a lot of experience under their belt. Culley Bunker, Aaron Ford, Troy DeVolld and Tim Naylor provided useful tips to master working with others.

Troy Devolld has worked on many different reality shows in various positions, but no matter if he is the boss or the assistant he always makes sure he thanks those who received the least amount of credit, “When you start managing, look at whoever in your office has the smallest paycheck, it is typically the transcribers, the PAs, at the end of every show I do a lunch for them just to make sure that they are appreciated”

Adding to this great advice, Mr. Devolld suggests always having your team’s back. If they are doing a great job, tell them or tell the big bosses how good they are doing. “I want people on the team to feel like they made contributions, there are certain people that when they excel I’ll go to the office upstairs and tell the executive in charge that this person might be ready to move up to another show even if that means a show in a different building that I might lose them to, I’m looking out for opportunities for my team.”

Learning how to master the “how to work with multiple teams” skills takes time, patience, and a lot of experience working on group jobs. Mr. Tim Naylor said, “Our team is our network.” Naylor reminds us all that just because the project is done does not mean the impression of the work or professional skills is erased. If you did a good job you will be remembered.

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