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Platinum Creative Wraps Up HOF8 

With Hall of Fame 8 successfully documented into the historical archives, what’s next for the behind-the-scenes team of talented and creative minds who are largely accountable for its success?

Spanning more than 20 years, Platinum Creative, Full Sail University’s creative design and branding team, traditionally is responsible for producing the school’s national commercials, YouTube videos, websites, designs and social applications, just to name a few.

Annually, the uniquely creative and brilliant design entity quietly and professionally puts its touch on the blueprint for all things hall of fame at Full Sail.

This year was no different.  No magic tricks or illusions, just infinite, creative chaos, if you will.  

Coupled with fun, hard work, and unyielding passion to deliver ubiquitous, rewarding success, it was merely business as usual in 2017 for Platinum Creative and staff during the beloved and popular event.

So, what does Platinum Creative do yearly when Hall of Fames are in the books?

Perhaps, all team members take a nice, well-deserved break - or vacation, not exactly.

According to Sari Kitelyn, Director of Project Development at Platinum Creative, the team debriefs and prepares for the subsequent Hall of Fame.

“We create a list of things we want to improve for next year’s Hall of Fame and talk about them after the event.”

Kitelyn said they create a box, which helps to compartmentalize things they want to adjust and correct moving forward.

There is always room for improvement, no matter the scenario or circumstance, and Platinum Creative uses surveys post Hall of Fame to get feedback from students, staff, inductees and guest, about event likes and dislikes.

One of the most important and pressing request students made during a recent Hall of Fame survey was to stream the event live online. Now Full Sail has live streaming for Hall of Fame and its numerous events to support online students who can’t attend.

While many Full Sail students, staff and faculty - and soon-to-be inductees, are going about their daily lives, the Platinum Creative team is busy inside its creative galaxy, tucked away, assembling the blueprint and the next red carpet A-list for HOF 9 in 2018.

I hope you are ready for Full Sail University’s HOF 9, because Platinum Creative is now on deck!

Written by Terrance Jefferson