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The Holly Kersey Project

Recently, Emily Wray’s Editing for the Web and Portfolio III classes had the opportunity to work with a real-world client, Holly Kersey, who is a personal trainer here in Orlando, Florida.

Holly was looking for support in promoting her fitness business, which specializes in functional fitness, group training, and bridal boot camps.Her needs included a professional web site to showcase her brand and curated content to be distributed across multiple media platforms.

This content was captured, prepared, and strategically placed by our own MCBS'ers - Devin Lawrence, Rebecca Groh, Andrea Mora, Renan Miranda, Curtis Weber, Tianni Myers and Jessica Cowart. 

Devin Lawerence served as the Creative Director, coordinating each meeting to uncover the fundamental elements of Holly's emerging brand. We worked closely with her to develop a mission statement which established a framework to guide our media strategy. The team created mood boards to develop color schemes and eventually a logo that was hand drawn by Renan Miranda.

Rebecca Groh noted, “The preproduction stage was a chaotic brainstorming session, but also my favorite part of this project. Personally, I very much enjoy being able to work on the brand development. Holly was incredible in allowing us to tap into that passion so that we could help develop meaningful content to communicate her business.”


Our plan was to create media assets to add to Holly’s web site. The team decided to produce some photography elements, such as a profile shot of Holly, and images of her working with her clients to be placed on her web site. These photos offer perspective clients an inside scoop of what it's like to jump into a “Holly Kersey” workout.

We also captured a lot of video footage of Holly’s clients in action, as well as an interview of Holly answering some important questions. We were able to use a combination Full Sail equipment and our own gear to make all of our ideas reality.

On shoot day, we arrived at Orange Ave Gym, also located in Orlando, Florida. Our team quickly went to work setting up our equipment and scouting out the gym to look for the perfect location for various shots.

We captured great imagery of Holly conducting her class. Action shots were taken using equipment like the TRX system, battle ropes and resistance bands, while doing exercises like one leg lunges, rotating lunges, and the spider crawl.

Our lead photographers were Tianni Myers and Jessica Cowart. Jessica’s favorite part of this experience was getting to take pictures for a real life client.

Jessica declared, “I have never done a real photo shoot before and getting to use my camera in that way was really exciting!”

Filming was next and Andrea Mora was our lead videographer alongside Renan Miranda and Curtis Weber. We acquired amazing footage to showcase Holly's brand. We started recording outside with a wide shot of Holly while guiding her clients through the bear and crab crawl. Tire flipping was not only incredibly great to see, but also pretty awesome to shoot. We captured footage that represented Holly’s passion, chemistry, and dedication for not only her occupation, but for her clients as well.

The team was asked, “Any advice for MCBS'ers who've never worked with a real client?”

Devin Lawrence replied, “Always listen to the client. If they’re not knowledgeable in a subject, educate them.”
Andrea added, “Don’t be scared of feeling lost. Beginnings often have different paths; just keep aligning yours efforts with what your client wants. Also, do not procrastinate!”

Special thanks to Holly Kersey and our instructors who helped make this experience happen. It was a great opportunity for hands-on work experience that we can all be proud of!

Don't forget to check out Holly Kersey's web site to see all our hard work!

Written by Tianni Myers