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Video Podcast

Hall of Fame 8 Coverage


Hall of Fame 8 - Day One Recap

MCBS Podcast Live hosts Kya Evans and Elijah Rosario discuss the official kickoff of Full Sail University's 8th Annual Hall of Fame, Grammy’s Party, and more!


Hall of Fame 7 vs. Hall of Fame 8

Elijah and Kya reflect on their previous Hall of Fame experience compared to this year's.


This Is Not a Panel About Women in The Entertainment Industry

Kya and Elijah recap a panel about the experiences of women in the entertainment industry.


Hall of Fame 8 Induction Ceremony & Student Block Party Recap

Elijah and Kya wrap up the week of Hall of Fame 8 with a recap of the induction ceremony, this year's inductees, highlight moments, student block party, and more!