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West Texas Legacy: A Documentary Film

Industry: Entertainment
Needs Assistance With: Media Strategy, Social Media, Web Design
Number of Students Needed: 2-3

Project Description

West Texas Legacy is a feature length documentary in production that examines the history, revitalization, and tradition of small town America through the lens of life in a West Texas town. For the town of Stamford, there is comfort in the quiet of small town life, but time has taken its toll. Today the community works hard to bring life back into this once bustling city and the community comes together to prove the West Texas legacy is alive and well.

Job Description

The filmmaker will be traveling back and forth between Orlando and West Texas gathering footage and interviews for the documentary and is looking for help with some of the ancillary media needs. He is in the process of building an IndieGoGo project and applying for grants.

He has put together a Twitter account and a Facebook page, but would love to find someone who can monitor or work with him to run it. He would also love to discuss the possibility of putting together a web site for the film.

Project Duration: 6+ months
Estimated Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? Yes
Is this a paid opportunity? Potentially