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OneRes International Realty

Web Site: http://www.oneresinternational.com
Industry: Business
Needs assistance with: Content Development, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design
Number of Students Needed: 1

Project Description

OneRes International Realty (OneRes) has developed an Affordable Housing Initiative that focuses on helping first time homebuyers purchase their first home. There are various programs available in the market to assist first time homes buyers however, our research indicates there is little understanding or marketing of these programs.

Our projects goal is to increase the knowledge and awareness the programs available for first time home buyers through the use of social media marketing. Research shows that many of the programs are designed to help Millennials, Generation X, Police, Firefighters, Teachers and Civil Servants interested in buying their first home and they are heavy social media users. For example, Orange and Osceola County have a down payment assistance program for first time home buyers however, our research of realtors and customers indicated very little knowledge of the programs.

Job Description

OneRes International Realty Social Media Coordinator

The job responsibilities includes reviewing our current Social Media Platform making recommendations for improvement. Upon approval the coordinator will be responsible for implementing their recommendations. The coordinator will be responsible for working with the OneRes Team to design and improve our Websites, Facebook Pages, Squeeze Page, Snap Chat, Twitter and other Social Media platforms with a goal of educating the public on the various programs available for first time homebuyers.

Project Duration: 3 - 6 months
Estimated Time Commitment: 11-15 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? Partially
Is this a paid opportunity? Yes