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"Dope" Clothing Line

Industry: Apparel
Needs Assistance With: Branding, Content Development, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Project Management
Number of Students Needed: 2-3

Project Description

Hello, my name is Haley Fox and I am a student at FGCU, Marketing intern for Doherty Enterprises Inc., and a sprouting entrepreneur on the side with my partner Lisa Billeh. Lisa coming from Chicago, and I Miami, fashion and style have always played significant roles in our lives. And when we finally discussed our ideas and visions, the foundation for our own clothing/accessory line was born in which we both hope to accurately grasp the culture and cities we were raised in. I am reaching out in hopes of working side by side with someone skilled in graphic design and/or logo creation that could help us with the beginning of this process - and possibly throughout the process as more ideas and designs are formed! This will more than likely be a paid position and partnership and more information about the line (and us) will be discussed once contacted. This should be a really fun and creative project and I hope to hear from you soon!

Job Description

Looking for a skilled graphic designer/logo creator that can help perfect and create shirts designs for our clothing line. 

Looking for someone to help with branding/copywriting and managing for the first few months of the projet.

Project Duration: 6+ months
Estimated Time Commitment: 6-10 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? Yes
Is this a paid opportunity? Potentially