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Lie - BTS Video Cover

Industry: Pop Culture
Needs Assistance With: Audio, Content Development, Graphic Design, Videography, Video Editing
Number of Students Needed: 6+

Project Description

This is a cover (song and video) to the song Lie by BTS, specifically Jimin Park. The video will include a cover of me singing it as well as a full production video to go along with the track. The video includes elements from the short film BigHit Entertainment produced for Lie, a dance segment of the same choreography, as well as similar shots that links to other music videos from BTS. 

The audience this video is directed towards are the fans of BTS. I wanted to create an in depth music video for this song because a full music video was never released and there has yet to be a decent cover uploaded to the internet. 

The song's lyrics express how someone feels the need to be saved from the lie they have created and I wanted to show this in the video by having two representing personalities. One representing an innocent, uncorrupted personality dressed in a white shirt, the other a mature, deceitful personality dressed in a navy shirt.

Throughout the video, we see that the innocent personality is being corrupted by the deceitful personality. Visually we can see this change throughout the music video through the representations of an apple, paint, and a goblet. All of these relating to the group's past music videos in some way. 

Below, I have linked the story board I created (can only be accessed through the link provided) as well as several sources that I have pulled my inspiration from.

StoryBoard Notes:

Job Description

I have created the story board for the cover. My roles will be the talent of the project, so I will have my vocals recorded and be the one in front of the camera.

Other than this, my responsibilities will be to lead the production of the cover by making sure we include the elements needed to successfully represent the song and BTS.

Project Duration: Less than 1 week
Estimated Time Commitment: 16-20 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? Yes
Is this a paid opportunity? No

Production - World Upside Down

Web Site: http://www.worldupsidedown.org
Industry: Education
Needs Assistance With: Audio, Graphic Design, Videography, Video Editing, Writing, Other
Number of Students Needed: 6+

Project Description

The Narnia Project

We are creating a series of video classes that will guide teachers through the process of producing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (based off the Narnia book series by world renowned author C.S. Lewis) for middle school students. Cindy Lowa, the middle school theater arts teacher at Windermere Preparatory School, is producing the play with a March 2017 performance date, and we need help creating a series of video classes that will walk theater instructors through the entire production process. The classes will cover character development, acting techniques, set design, lighting, costumes, tech skills, and performance, training both teachers and students on how to successfully complete all aspects of the production. We are excited to create this resource for our partner schools and after school programs in the local community so teachers can help students be part of this wonderful play in subsequent years. Teachers will be able to use this video series completely free of charge, and we will provide all of our partners with online access to the videos and promote the series among other area schools, so the maximum number of teachers and students can benefit from this resource. Cindy Lowa is a certified arts instructor, and all of her video classes will align with the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards.

Other FAQs:

  • Filming will take place on Windermere Preparatory School campus (probably on Saturdays or Sundays)
  • Pre- and post-production will be done remotely and most team meetings will take place via Google Hangout
  • Participants can work on one part of the project if they are not able to work on the entire project from start to finish

Job Description

We are looking for students to fill the following roles:

Media Researcher

The Media Researcher discovers and obtains video clips that align with the video class content and objectives in order to enhance the lesson by showing and demonstrating what the teacher is teaching and exposing students to performances by artists worldwide. The average video class will use up to 3 third-party video clips. The Media Researcher must work with the video class teacher and the Scriptwriter to select the best video clip options for each class and must also contact the owner of the video clip to secure a signed Video Release Form which allows World Upside Down to use the video completely free of charge.


The Scriptwriter works with the teacher to write the script for the video class using the Presentation, Practice, and Performance template, ensuring thorough documentation of the script pre-production and the script post-production (documenting any changes that were made so that a written transcript is available for translation as necessary). The Scriptwriter coaches the teacher to avoid words/phrases that time stamp the video (first/last, introductory phrases for warm-ups are presented with language that could allow each warm-up to be a stand alone clip, instructions which coach the students to follow, repeat, imitate are used throughout, etc.) This coaching should be done in the script during pre-production and during the actual recording of the video as the video script may evolve during production. The Scriptwriter also works with the Media Researcher to integrate video content that will enhance the class and also ensures that all classes align with National Standards for the Arts. The Scriptwriter works with the teacher to create an Extension Activity for each class, which is a 2-page pdf document which the facilitating instructor can use to facilitate the class--includes objectives, lesson summary, and a post-video class activity which helps students to discuss, share, and continue to create based on concepts learned in the video class.

Digital Artist

The Digital Artist creates images and text needed for the video and aligns them with the World Upside Down brand identity style guides and updates the style guide as needed.

Lighting Designer

The Lighting Designer coordinates the necessary lights needed in order to carry out the look of the video class as decided by the Director and DP to make sure the lights achieve the correct look.

Camera Operator

The Camera Operator is in charge of the equipment during the shoot. The camera operator may gain direction from the Producer and/or Set Designer, but will be the person responsible for creating the digital video footage. Actual capturing duties may include ensuring there is enough videotape and that the lighting and audio will be correctly captured, marking the taped scenes, allowing “black space” between scenes for later adding transitions, and knowing what scenes may need to be a re-shot the same day. The Camera Operator creates clear scenes in order to make the editing process more efficient.

Sound Engineer

The Sound Engineer must ensure that all music and sound is captured well during the shoot and works with the Film Editor to maximize the impact in post-production. He/she make create musical tracks for the video or obtain legal permission to use music tracks or sound clips free of charge.

Film Editor

The Film Editor will facilitate the process of viewing the footage with the team, deciding what shots should be used, and making the final edits. The Film Editor will work with the Digital Artist and the Sound Engineer to add music, consistent transitions, correct titles, text, and credits, while providing the video with an overall “look and feel” that meets the project objectives. The Film Editor may work closely with the Producer(s), Writers, and Set Designer to guide the overall effects of the film and lead the review of progress to the team during meetings. The Film Editor should be able to select the best clips and combine these with appropriate and effective special effects.

Project Duration: 1 -3 months
Estimated Time Commitment: 11-15 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? Partially
Is this a paid opportunity? No

No Drama Entertainment

Web Site: http://nodramaentertainment.com/
Industry: Entertainment
Needs Assistance With: Audio, Event Coordination
Number of Students Needed: 1

Project Description

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Christmas Concert

Job Description

Stage Hands - Assist with spiking the stage for mic stand placement. Setting stage for various acts to perform. Working with props etc., during show.

Runners - Assist with preset acts/talent for entry to stage. Assist with VIPs backstage performance logistics.

Interns will need to attend paper tech rehearsal, onsite, and dress rehearsal prior to the show.

Paper Tech - TBD
Rehearsals - 12/7
Dressed Rehearsal - 12/8
Concert - 12/9

Project Duration: Less than 1 week
Estimated Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? No
Is this a paid opportunity? No