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Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Web Site: petallianceorlando.org
Industry: Non-Profit
Needs Assistance With: Content Development, Marketing, Videography
Number of Students Needed: 1

Project Description

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is looking for someone to produce a high-quality, 90-second recruitment video for graduating veterinarians to consider moving to Orlando to work with our two affordable veterinarian clinics and pet mobile unit. We want to showcase both the great work of our organization and the city of Orlando - which was recently voted #1 Pet Friendliest City in America. The general idea is to have a recruitment video that balances work and life. It should be more than images of dogs and kittens, but also to include some of the things that make living in Orlando great.

Job Description

The responsibilities include:

  • Meet with Executive Director to discuss content
  • Suggest ideas for content/images/sound
  • Possibly interview Vets and staff
  • Filming and editing the video

Pet Alliance will provide:

  • Access to our shelters, clinics;
  • Some assistance filming as we have equipment;
  • Recognition in our newsletter and website for the student; and
  • We will buy you lunch when the video is finished!

We would need the video by the middle of January to reach prime recruitment time. Any sooner would be greatly appreciated.

Project Duration: Less than 1 week
Estimated Time Commitment: 11-15 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? Partially
Is this a paid opportunity? No