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It's More Than Just Hall of Fame

Full Sail University honors several alumni who have made an impact within the world of art, entertainment and media with the 7th Annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 

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One of the characteristics all Hall of Fame inductees share is generosity and a motivation to give back. 2016 inductee Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young uses his social media to educate and empower his audience to give back to the less fortunate. 

Young also helps up and coming artist through his Skio Music business by allowing them to collaborate with other artists and producers via the Skio Music platform.

These days the power of social media holds incredible value as a professional regardless of your career path. Students in the Media Communications department at Full Sail learn these social media skills and understand how to harness the power of an audience to influence the world.

Hall of Fame week is definitely an exciting week here at Full Sail University, giving students a once in a lifetime chance to network with business professionals. 

Have you seen a Hall of Fame inductee harnessing the power of social media in an inspiring way? Have something to share from an experience at Hall of Fame? Tell us about it on social media. You can find us @wearemcbs and make sure to tag your post with #FullSailHOF7

Written By: Melvin Vigo