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VIP Student Experience

Two Media Communications students, Jessica Jardin and Devin Lawrence, were lucky enough to secure two of these limited VIP passes.

Jessica told us, “Aside from the obvious cool prizes like green room access, I'm definitely looking forward to having first pick for any panel!”

As a senior and proud MCBS student, Jessica says she is ready to tackle this week and share her experience and access with others. “I have high expectations for the lectures, workshops and meet-and-greet opportunities, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the MCBS mobile journalists, including myself, will leverage all of this into some really meaningful content to share with others.”

To share in the VIP exclusive access to Hall of Fame, follow Jessica and Devin through @weareMCBS on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Hall of Fame is upon us and Full Sail loves spoiling its students with amazing experiences. One of those worthwhile opportunities is the VIP Student pass for the whole week of HOF. The lucky winners of these awesome passes get behind the scenes access at each panel, one on one time with industry experts, and seats close enough to see inductees tear up when they receive their “Sailee” trophy.

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