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Keith Guerrette Explores Uncharted Territory In The Visual Effects Industry

As a leading visual effects artist, Keith Guerrette pushes the industry forward by creating groundbreaking techniques for the development of video games, such as the greatly successful action-adventure series Uncharted and The Last of Us

Guerrette says in an interview with PC World that he is most proud of the way his work has improved the overall gaming experience for players. Gamers can feel Guerrette’s influences every time they hear dust in the wind, see their footprints on the ground, or feel the impact of an explosion nearby.

Since graduating from Full Sail University in 2005, Guerrette and his visual effects team at Sony Computer Entertainment’s Naughty Dog Studios received BAFTA and DICE awards for “Game of the Year.” The Smithsonian American Art Museum inducted Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for its impressive development of real-time interactive art.

In 2014, Forbes “30 Under 30” list profiled Guerrette as one of the brightest young minds in video games.

Written by: Alejandro Montaño