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Frank Scheuring: Using Sound To Reach All Corners Of Entertainment

Frank Scheuring has worked as a mixer and sound editor for more than 14 years. His love for music and sound design started at the age of 15. Since graduating from Full Sail University in 2001, his expertise has been far reaching in the entertainment industry. He has worked on projects like Man Made, Taboo and Ultimate Factories. Frank has also worked in radio commercials for The Washington Wizards, the Washington Capitals, and Honda.

Highlights from Frank’s career include the award-winning Discovery Channel mini-series Planet Earth, as well as notable documentaries and series including: Star Talk, In Performance at the White House, and Dog Whisperer. Frank’s networks include National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, TLC, G4TV, and the Travel Channel along with many political candidates, government agencies, production companies, and corporations.

He is currently the President of Capital Post Production and serves on the Program Advisory Committee for the Recording Arts program at Full Sail University.

To know more about Frank Scheuring and his work visit his company’s website and tweet us @WeAreMCBS

Written By: Eboselume Ehi-Bello