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DJ Swivel Can’t Sit Still And It’s Completely Working In His Favor.

Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young graduated in 2005 from Full Sail University and hit the ground running. DJ Swivel’s roots mixing tunes for live audiences in the Toronto music scene trained him to hear the experience through the audience perspective and tell a story through music. As Media Communications students, audience engagement and storytelling are weaved into everything we learn and a strong quality that DJ swivel represents in his work. These days, Swivel mixes sounds for music artists as a producer and sound engineer for artists such as Jay-z, The Chain Smokers, and Beyonce.

One of the most intriguing aspects about DJ Swivel is he hasn’t let the industry box him into a specific career path. DJ Swivel represents the necessary fluidity of being a dynamic chameleon in the audio industry by constantly switching between mixer, producer, and engineer depending on where the opportunity and passion arise.

When speaking on his rise to success in life after Full Sail, DJ Swivel said this about opportunity:

“It’s about being in the right place at the right time and creating your own opportunities” - Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young

As technology and the music industry evolve, DJ Swivel is engaging both as an entrepreneur, partnering up with a music streaming service called Skio Music.

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Written By: Devin Lawrence