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Juliana Wakes Up Inspired

Juliana Neves personifies what it takes from being an accomplished student to starting a successful career in the Media Communications Industry. As one of four graduates, faculty and students from the MCBS program we wish to celebrate her during the Hall of Fame week as one most likely to be a future Hall of Fame Inductee. I had the chance to interview her in a café near Full Sail.

Juliana, a Brazilian immigrant, who moved to Orlando-FL eight years ago was hired right after graduation as a Senior Producer at Purple Rock Scissors, a Digital Creative Agency. She talked to me about her decision to join Full Sail's MCBS program and her experience as a student. 

Full Sail University wasn’t the first school she attended. In fact, she already had a degree in Interior Design, but it was the eagerness to create, that drove her to go back to school. "This was the biggest commitment of life to myself, and also too big of a coincidence,” when, at that time, she realized she would be the first person to register for what was one of the newest campus programs at Full Sail University. A decision her father helped her make, “he has been my mentor, he’s always backing me up in my decisions,” she expressed with a look that reflects the love and gratefulness she feels for her family.

But even with encouragement, we know as students, we face a “real world” challenge attending a school like Full Sail. This accelerated program requires additional commitment and dedication to be successful, yet it wasn’t different for Juliana. With her motivation and positivism, she found a way to see this as a good situation, “Is almost like every month was an intense journey witnessing the professional world I always wanted to live… My experience at Full was like a life-changing blur because it happened so fast and it was always so intense that sometimes you’re like "wait, wait, wait this is week one, week four’ it’s crazy” but she didn’t fall.

Surprisingly, Juliana didn’t hesitate when I asked what was the best part of being at Full Sail, her answer, “graduating… Because sometimes you ask yourself, ‘Am I really doing this?’ And there are always self-doubts, but the best feeling was to see myself accomplish that mission.” How she feels about graduation describes how proud she is of herself, and her enthusiasm to keep growing. 

She now freelances for the same companies she used to utilize as fictional clients for her projects at school, “ it is all about understanding that you’re doing this for yourself… I was creating projects for free, putting my thoughts on paper and strategizing for the joy of learning from it.” This reflects the importance of her effort during the school year and her conviction to pursue her dreams and professional goals; “Is really gratifying to be able to contribute with experienced people, because I’m able to speak the language and collaborate with them.” She mentioned the feeling of being in the real world by citing one of her instructors., “Pete, had a quote ‘everything you do communicates’ and it’s so true, especially in the world we now live where people are more visual and connected. Everything we do at Full Sail is communicating to our future; it is a cause and effect.” 

Our conversation only confirmed that I was indeed speaking with a professional that is highly motivated by her future, and we will hear more, down the road.

To learn more about Juliana visit her website at www.wedesignseven.com

Come back soon to hear more about our other MCBS graduates and where they are now!

Written By: Dubraska Lima