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I Graduated From Full Sail... Now What?

Not everyone who graduates has a job lined up immediately after walking across that stage. Some students have to wait a little longer to find “The Job!”

The Life after Full Sail panel was all about giving current students major key tips about what actually happens after they throw that graduation cap.

Jeff Unay, Leslie Brathwaite and Jameson Durall shared their life experiences after they left the safety net of Full Sail and entered the industry.  

They shared information about the first real breaks, first paychecks, where to move and a lot of other considerations about what students need once they step into the real world.

Based on their advice, students need to rethink where they are going to live and work. Most of us think the big entertainment cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, would be the most logical choice but according to the panel the reality is we need to go where ever it is we get our first job.  Jameson Durall says, “Do not pick a city, find the job first and just go wherever you have to go, then just do what you have to do, because once you are in is way easier to stay in.”

They also covered what it will be like the first time on the job. They said that students will probably start by doing many mundane tasks when they first start in your industry. Leslie Brathwaite shared his interning experiences. His tasks included cleaning garages, which he was happy to do so that he was present to observe and learn from his mentors, “What you are willing to do speaks more volume than what you have done.”

Jeff Unay talked about how important is to give your best in every job no matter how small it is, “Working on something, doing a really good job and have made contacts, and people go OH MY GOD!  You are the guy! You should come over here and oversee all the faces of Avatar with James Cameron. Wherever I am, I’m doing the best job I possibly could and then when I’m doing that opportunities come up. And you essentially are applying to your next job."

One of the most important and helpful pieces of advice they gave was to continue networking.  This has been Full Sail’s motto since day one. In this industry, connections are the thing that will open more doors than having a fancy resume.  

The panel was an amazing wealth of information that will benefit any Full Sail graduate.

Written By: Romina Goite