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Shut up and Let’s Talk About Personal Branding

When it comes to personal branding, we tend to ask ourselves:

Who am I?

As professionals, it can be hard to answer that question since we have many different talents.

For Phil Pallen, a brand strategist, personal branding comes naturally, “It’s my passion!” During the Hall of Fame week, Phil shared his personal branding tips. Phil believes his tips “will turn you into a Twitter rock-star.” 

During his panel, Phil shared part of his strategy, “I’m not telling you don’t post or don’t post that. I’m not that guy, but be aware of the puzzle pieces.” He also added, “The ones who make it to the next level are the ones who are memorable.” When using social media, Phil suggests everyone needs to have consistency while also taking care of their social media bio's.

Pallen’s friendly personality was easily recognized watching the students reactions and laughter throughout the panel. I even overheard comments such as, "Wow, what an inspiration!" and "That was very helpful."

Make sure to check out Phil Pallen's panel archive and also his website. Join the conversation @wearemcbs and remember to check out “Shut Up and Tweet.”  

Written By: Melvin Vigo