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A Successful Career comes from Passion and Compromise

Originally from Puerto Rico, Ivan became a Full Sail University student in October 2013, and never suspected that after graduating he would become a YouTuber and part of the university's staff.

The Media Communications Industry had always been his interest, more specifically the entertainment field. “It’s funny because in high school everybody was afraid of doing presentations, but that was my thing, I was always excited to do it, ” he remembered with an enthusiastic expression. Talking to Ivan evoked from him an excitement that being in school gave him the wisdom in the area he always felt passionate about pursuing.

His hard work and appetite for knowledge drove him to not only be in the classroom, but to show his creativity professionally, “I remember my first YouTube banner was made using Microsoft Word, I had no idea how to make graphics, and I had no access to Photoshop.” He now appreciates the time the instructors spent with him even after class, to give him the help he needed to become an outstanding professional in the online entertainment industry where now he is building a career for his own.

His first experience in television was as an intern for a Full Sail Production, The Daily Buzz. Where he had to make a lot of sacrifices, but “you get out what you put into” and from that experience he got more enthusiastic to work on his YouTube Channel "ivalbino."

He is now partnering with Maker Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company, from which he had the opportunity to pitch two pilots show ideas that could be produced by Disney XD. One of these, a Talk Show; he mentioned he’ll be comfortable either hosting or producing, “Even though I like being the talent I also like being part of the production team. I’d like to work for something I believe in.” Being involved with the production is what he thinks makes your performance more genuine.

Now that he has graduated he feels more self-confident, but it wasn’t always like that. While he was developing his brand, he remembers his doubts about how to show his personality to his audience, while keeping his essence, being around people with so many different approaches to the industry, made him wonder if he needed to change. A quote from his role model in entertainment, Jimmy Fallon, “Be silly, you’re allowed to be silly, there’s nothing wrong with it.” helped him realize that it was ok to have a separate path for his career, so he just choose to enjoy his authenticity and creativity.

One can see the results of his hard work and vocation through his social media @ivalbino and his YouTube Channel "Ivalbino," or talk to him at Full Sail University where he’s working to introduce our school to current high school students already passionate about the industry of entertainment.

Written By: Dubraska Lima