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Get Your Fill of Phil

Phil Pallen at HOF8

Phil Pallen at HOF8

The first day of Full Sail University’s three day Hall of Fame 8 event was kicked off by a Career Networking Event, if you’re wondering what a career networking event is, it is an event where employers come to network and recruit students and alumni.

This year was filled with some amazing opportunities for all Full Sail students, companies included but not limited too Izea, Rifle Paper Co, Digital Brew, Warner Music Group and Universal. Full Sail even set up a meet and greet panel with alumni and hall of fame inductees, Stephen Beres, Culley Bunker, Troy DeVolld, Jonathan Mayer and Phil Pallen.

When I walked in I knew I immediately wanted to talk to Phil Pallen, Brand and Social Media Strategist, who graduated with an Entertainment Business Degree from Full Sail. Phil is someone I have recently been researching and wanted to get advice from since I will be graduating on March 3rd. I waited in line for a while but it was worth it.

Pallen gave some great advice and was very friendly, he told me “Resumes are dumb” after he said it, he noted it down to say at one of his branding workshops.

He said, “it is all about networking and the face to face connection.”  

After my conversation with Pallen I walked around and connected with other students and potential employers because Phil is right, resumes are going out and networking is becoming the norm.

Be sure to go see Phil Pallen at some of the branding workshops and panels he will be hosting this week at Hall of Fame for some awesome advice! Phil will have two Green Room sessions on Wednesday, February 15th. The first one will be at 11 am and will last until 11:45am. The second session will be at 12pm until 12:45pm.

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Written by: Jessica Cowart