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MCBS Coverage of Hall of Fame 7

With Hall of Fame 8 underway, let’s take a look back at how MCBS covered Hall of Fame 7, and give you a taste of what you can expect from this year’s coverage.

At Hall of Fame 7, the Production team was able to cover the live musical performances and even get some interviews with the performers. The team turned into on the ground reporters and talked to students, instructors, and panelists throughout Hall of Fame. These short interviews proved to be a great experience for the MCBS students who were operating camera and sound equipment, and those students who were on camera personalities. The production team put out great content, which gave students editing practice and helped them learn new skills to add to their portfolios.

There was also a Writing team which allowed students to interview other students, panelists, and other guests at Hall of Fame 7. They wrote blog posts about the coverage and get them posted online. This gave writers publishing credits which they may not have earned without this opportunity. The members of the Writing team learned how to conduct effective interviews and turn them into great reads, they learned how to edit writing, how to work on a fast-paced, high energy team, and they experienced what it was like to cover a live event. These are all skills the Writing team will use during the rest of their time in the MCBS program and throughout their careers.

The Social Media team worked around the clock to push content the various teams were producing everyday, they pushed hashtags, and helped all platforms gain followers, likes, and reblogs. The Social Media team worked out of a small room, utilizing Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to push out all the content possible to show people the teams coverage of the event. One of the highlights from last year was when DJ Swivel, a Hall of Fame 7 inductee, reposted an Instagram post from MCBS, and his 40k followers saw our content.

And finally, the Graphic Design team created a fabulous logo, watermark, and even a press pass for the entire program to use. The assets they created were used by everyone in the program. The Social Media team used the watermark on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts. The Production team used the press passes to gain access to interviews and panels. Everyone in MCBS benefited from the creative pieces produced by the Design team.

Every team came together to provide the best coverage of Hall of Fame 7 that we could, and now it’s time to do it all over again. Each team has their responsibilities in place, and are ready to hit the ground running. Hall of Fame 8 kicks off on Sunday, February 12th, with the Grammy’s celebration. We may not know who is going to win Album of the Year (actually we all know Beyonce is going to win) but we do know that MCBS will be there covering every moment of HOF8, right up until the end.

Is there anything you want us to cover?

Let us know by tweeting us @wearemcbs using the hashtag #MCBScoverage!

Written by: Amanda Holcomb