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Be A Creative Entrepreneur

More than 30 Full Sail University students sat patiently, ready to receive sound advice and industry tips from Martin Potoczny, a Full Sail graduate and Hall Of Fame 8 inductee.

Potoczny is the founder and CEO of LUXE Creative, a leading creative studio located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that specializes in custom luxury event production and creative brand design.

Jessica Northey, a multimedia content producer for Visit Orlando, and Brett Novak, a self-proclaimed filmmaker, skater and hopeful creator, were also representatives for the Creative Entrepreneur panel.

The panelists went into detail about how they achieved success beyond Full Sail University.

Brett said money wasn’t all what he focused on.  He said he had to learn how to balance business with his artistry.

After many discussions during the panel, students were allowed to ask questions before wrapping things up.

Potoczny said being young, you should take any opportunity for growth, even the ones you may not like, or the ones that make you uncomfortable, because you learn from them all. Learning what you don’t like is more valuable than anything, he said, to the Full Sail students on hand.

Potoczny left some seasoned experience and wisdom with the Full Sail students who attended the panel. “We didn’t have the technologies such as Google and Facebook when I was in school.”

"The world of technology is at your disposal, use it" said Potoczny.

With all the technology in the world at our hands, there is no reason every one of us cannot be creative entrepreneurs. This panel taught us that starting your own business can be as easy as 1,2,3 as long as you take every opportunity presented to you, use technology, and embrace being uncomfortable.

By David Thielke and Terrance Jefferson