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If You Don’t Brand Yourself, Who Will?

Photo: David Thielke - Students pose with Martin Potoczny and Phil Pallen.

Photo: David Thielke - Students pose with Martin Potoczny and Phil Pallen.

Meet the Panel:

Martin Potoczny is the owner of Luxe Creative, a luxury event management and branding company. Martin’s company specializes in creating events that are immersive branding experiences which incorporate multi-sensory elements.

Phil Pallen is the founder of Phil Pallen collective, his company specializes in personal branding as a way to develop and manage an online presence and build a public audience.

What You Need to Know:

Phil and Martin both agree that in today’s society, personal branding is no longer just an option, it is your responsibility! If you don’t frame your purpose and your story, someone else will do it for you.

Phil’s secret formula for success is finding ways to make his clients media presence a reflection of their personality. Helping his clients to become more memorable and relevant in their industry is the end goal.

According to Martin, the way an event looks, smells, sounds and feels is what he believes connects an audience with a brand in a way that they will always remember, and will want to tell the world about.

As you begin to develop your personal brand, start thinking of ways that you can make your purpose, values and personality, both, memorable and relevant. As a soon to be college grad what are some ways that you can start to incorporate consistent personal branding elements that are unique to you, and unforgettable by others?

Written by: David Thielke