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Reception Consultants

Industry: Entertainment
Needs Assistance With: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
Number of Students Needed: 1

Project Description

 I am a published award-winning author with over 30 years experience in the food and entertainment industry. The goal of my project is to offer reception consultations for a nominal fee for DIY brides who need/desire to orchestrate their own wedding receptions. I intend to carry out the consultations by email and telephone and in addition, will offer either related e-book or print materials. I might also be interested in speaking engagements.

Job Description

 I would like graphic design for a logo and web design for my new site. I already own the domain.

Project Duration: 1 - 4 weeks
Estimated Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per week
Can this work be done remotely? Yes
Is this a paid opportunity? Yes, Potentially