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Platinum Creative

In the upcoming weeks, we will be shining some light on Platinum Creative, Full Sail’s own creative team. To properly understand what this group of talented individuals does during Hall of Fame, we must first understand their role within Full Sail.

As a media communication student, I must admit Platinum’s office is everything I ever dreamed of. This unique space is full of boards covered in designs, work tables stacked with materials and their own pool table for some very necessary recreational breaks. Dim yellow lights help create a nice ambience that differs from the traditional white office lights and a jumbo-sized teddy bear helps a guest understand the friendly environment that surrounds the team.

The fun environment does not take away from all the hard work that goes on in this office. Every corner is evidence of the creative process that has led to Hall of Fame 8, one of the team’s biggest responsibility. In fact, this team serves as the brand hub for everything Full Sail and is behind the University’s branding.

The most impressive part is that all shared content is produced in house.

That’s right, Platinum is a fully functional creative team that produces the school’s national commercials, YouTube videos, website, designs and even apps! It is safe to say this team has expanded, adapted and grown with the industry and has made Full Sail proud in the process.

“You don’t just say the words, ‘You should come here to learn design,’ they see that by looking through your design, they see that by looking through the website.” -Sari Kitelyn, Director of Project Development

It is uncommon to find a company that houses such a well-rounded group of individuals, but Full Sail is everything but common. Next time you spot a logo, cool video or radio commercial make sure to think about the creative team that makes it all possible – Platinum Creative.

Written by: Stephany Cerella-Nazari