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Platinum Creative - Creating a Logo for Hall of Fame 8 

Creating a brand for an event means creating its identity. Platinum Creative was tasked with the challenge to create a logo for Hall of Fame 8 and they knew it had to be special. While we all appreciated the logo for its amazing design, I want to share with you the meaning behind this piece.

The first thing to be determined, was the general theme of the logo – it would all be about connection. The circles in the 8 represent that connection from student to alumni and alumni to school. It represents how this event bridges gaps and brings people together.

The lines in the background continue to play with the theme of connections and the holographic texture inside the 8 is a reflection piece.

In the words of Traci Burchard this texture represents, “The alumni reflecting back to Full Sail as a school.”

I was allowed a rare glance into what Platinum Creative does. With this glance, I understood the pride this team takes in their work. Last month, I was also able to experience my first Hall of Fame and with it, I witnessed how Platinum’s work transcends their office space. Hall of Fame brings together people from around the world to learn from each other and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Some of us, admire from afar, others interact face to face but most of us dream about becoming the next inductee.

This logo has marked me as a designer and a student. The amount of thought and detail put into it blows my mind. However, what I remember the most was the pride in the team’s voice while they spoke about their job. This logo does represent how the alumni give back to the school but I believe it goes beyond that. In my eyes, this logo will always represent the pride Full Sail has for their students. In turn, this pride becomes assurance for us – the future Hall of Fame Inductees – that we too, can one day reflect our light back to our school.  

Written by Stephany Cerella-Nazari

Pitch, Please!

Photo by Sangi Zuniga - From left, Priscilla Rojas, Eduardo Aguirre, Maria Camacho at Producing Your Own TV Show panel at HOF8

Photo by Sangi Zuniga - From left, Priscilla Rojas, Eduardo Aguirre, Maria Camacho at Producing Your Own TV Show panel at HOF8

Course director Jennie Jarvis introduced two Full Sail Alumni, and current TV producers, Eduardo Aguirre and Priscilla Rojas. Aguirre and Rojas break the ice with the audience by showing some previous work they have done such as promo videos. They both believe that you have to let people see your work so they can know what you are passionate about.

Since a year ago, Aguirre and Rojas have been producing and directing not only one live TV show called “La Hora del Brunch”, but also media content for a very diverse audience including, travel agencies, music videos, and entertainment apps. Aguirre as a Director and Rojas as a Producer, assigned their roles for all these projects according to what they love to do. Entertainment companies are looking for passionate people who can do the right work, so having everyone on the right position helps the work environment and the success of the own company.

“Networking is key in this school. Everyone that works at the live show with us is from Full Sail. We stick together instead of working separately” said Rojas.

Aguirre and Rojas gave some advice about how to pitch ideas for TV shows. One of the most important things is to pitch a clear idea, something that relates with the target audience that you are looking to engaged with. As well as making a great presentation with a mission, graphics, budget, data, and ideas on how the TV-set might look like. Doing the right pitch is so important in order to get sponsors and a good reputation when the TV show goes live. Aguirre also highlighted that the creation of a pilot is fundamental in order to pitch the idea in a more digital and innovative way.

“Look inside the industry and see what’s missing then create something out of it. That’s how we got our idea pitch” said Aguirre.

Written by Maria Camacho

Hall of Fame 8 Starts With A Bang!

So it begins!

*Rubs hands together in preparation*

Let’s talk Grammy’s.

For those who missed the first event of Hall of Fame, the Grammy Celebration was last night and Full Sail Live streamed the event. Not only did students fill Full Sail Live, but they also packed the outside seating arena. Since this is the first Hall of Fame for many, the excitement was high, you could feel a buzz in the air.

Watching the Grammy’s with a group of hundreds is much different than watching it from your living room. First, many students came dressed to the nines wearing gowns and suits. Those who were lucky enough to get in (because the line stretched to 3F) got to walk a red carpet and be interviewed as if they were really at the Grammy’s. Those inside and out were chosen to compete in games to win amazing prizes ranging from a new guitar, to a 4 hour live filming session in the Treehouse. Then, the anticipation of nominees winning felt much more electric. When Chance the Rapper won, Best New Artist, everyone screamed and it felt like you were right there, cheering along with artists like Beyoncé and Adele.  

The performances were also much more exciting to watch in a big group. Watching the wonder in people’s eyes during Beyoncé’s performance, and the looks of worry when Adele requested to do the song over.  The craziest performance reaction was when Metallica and Lady Gaga had technical difficulties with their mics.

 It was really meaningful to experience such an important event with people who are just as passionate about music and the entertainment industry. It allows you to talk about things in a much more elevated thought pattern than you would typically have at home.

Did you go to the Grammy Celebration night?

Let us know what your favorite part of the night was, tweet us @wearemcbs using the hashtag #FullSailGRAMMYs!

By Dylan Hamilton